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"My son has been seeing Lori for the past six months. She works with him on his auditory processing issues, attention issues, slow response time, writing (speed and content) while incorporating some occupational therapies. Lori was able to hone in very early on exactly what my son needed in order for him to succeed. She is so passionate about her job , has so much knowledge and continually researches therapies and new techniques. My son loves going to see Miss Lori. It can be a bit overwhelming at times navigating the school processes regarding a 504 or an IEP plan. Lori has been extremely helpful in giving my husband and I information and guiding us through the process. She goes above and beyond and is a very caring person. Lori is one in a million!!!"
- Mom from Cherry Hill, NJ | April 2014

"Our 8 year old daughter has been in speech therapy since she was 2 years old. She had a significant speech delay and also, has struggled with other related areas including articulation, fluency, memory, auditory processing, reading comprehension, and attention. After receiving therapy from several speech therapists, our daughter began therapy with Lori approximately 2 years ago. Lori has a passion for her field and operates at a different level than other speech therapists. She continuously attends seminars, invests in new software, and introduces the latest techniques to target all areas that need improvement. Lori sincerely cares about her patients and truly wants them to reach their full potential. Our daughter never stops talking and has greatly improved in all of her weak academic areas. I have recommended Lori and will continue to do so!"
- Parent from Mt. Laurel, NJ

"When my son was just turning 4 years old he began receiving speech therapy from Lori due to his difficulty with auditory processing. We chose Lori because of the excellent reputation she has for treating auditory processing disorders in children. Over the past year I have been impressed with Lori's use of innovative therapies as well as the fact that she integrates sensory and full body exercises that help develop both sides of the brain into her work. This has been extremely helpful for my son as he, like many children with processing difficulties at this age, has other problems that may interfere with his ability to process language. Lori has kept my son engaged in therapy (not an easy task) by using technology, music and many other "out of the box" methods. My husband and I are so grateful to Lori for the caring attitude she has toward our son and all the advice and help she has provided over the past year."
- S.B. from South Jersey

"Lori is great! She has a real passion for what she does. Lori is always excited to attend workshops and try new therapies. She is very knowledgeable about processing and the therapies used when working with kids who have processing issues. I have seen improvement in both of my children. We are grateful to have Lori working with our kids."
- Parent from Lumberton, NJ


"My 6 1/2 year old son has been in speech therapy since he was 2 1/2 and has had about 6 speech therapists over the years. Lori Johnston is by far the best SLP he has ever worked with. She's the first SLP that really understands my son and what his particular needs are and what it is going to take to reach his full potential. When I heard that Lori incorporates occupational therapy into her speech therapy sessions to get both sides of the brain to work together I knew this was the best place for my son and it was exactly what I have been looking for. After the first month, I saw such a big change in my son's speech. Now after 8 months, it's amazing how far he has come. I am forever grateful for Lori and Rizza Miro & Associates for helping my son overcome the obstacles in his life."
- L.V. From Maple Shade, NJ

"I am a special education teacher and when my son was first diagnosed with auditory processing, I wanted to get the absolute best care possible. I did not want my son to be burdened with the same old worksheets or drill and practice techniques, most of which he was already receiving at school and home. I wanted to find someone out there who was applying the latest methods, strategies and techniques that dealt directly with the brain building pathways for permanent connections to take place, for long term memory to exist and a higher level of abstract concepts to be learned and applied. Mrs. Johnston was the only person I who found who specialized in this area for auditory processing and possessed the level of experience and credentials I was looking for. In just 4 short weeks of continuous sessions and 5 days a week of home therapy, I have already seen an improvement in my son's short and long term memory, fine motor skills, gross motor strength and an increase in his confidence and self esteem. His school work has also improved and he received his first 100 percent on his last spelling test. He is thrilled! I know we still have a long way to go, but with Ms. Lori we are off to a great start."
- A.B from Medford, NJ

"My daughter has been seeing Lori Johnston for over 3 years. She started speech therapy for a stutter around 3years old. Since then, her expressive speech has improved greatly. My daughter used to clam up during conversations, but now she is a normal chatty almost 7 year old. Her progress has been amazing, and with Lori's help and innovative therapies, she has and will continue to improve. Recently, our daughter was diagnosed with CAPD, and we will be sticking with Lori at Rizza Miro and Associates for all her therapy. I can't recommend them highly enough!"
- K.M. Cherry Hill, NJ

"My eleven year old daughter has been in speech therapy since she was 2 years old. A few years ago, we became concerned that her progress was reaching a plateau. It was at this time that we began to work with Lori. Lori is always pursuing new methods of therapy, using the latest technology and cutting edge methods. She keeps abreast of the latest therapies by attending many classes and seminars. These therapies have helped my daughter to break through her plateau and to show continued improvement. Lori's dedication and enthusiasm not only helped to keep my daughter interested and engaged in her therapy sessions, they also helped to motivate her to continue with practice at home."
- Parent from Cherry Hill, NJ

“We have had the pleasure of taking our three year old daughter Abbey to Lori Johnston for speech therapy for over a year. Abbey has continued to make steady progress throughout her visits. We have found Lori’s energy, enthusiasm and solid experience to be key reasons we enjoy taking Abbey to her sessions.

Lori keeps Abbey on track and focused throughout the therapy session while, at the same time, making the session fun. It is clear that Abbey feels comfortable and enjoys spending her time with Lori. She is excited to go to see “Miss Lori” each week.

We have observed that Lori stays current in her education and practices by attending training conferences and investing in new materials. Lori has been instrumental in teaching us techniques that we can use at home to support Abbey’s progress.

We would recommend Rizza Miro & Associates to other parents who are looking to benefit from speech services for their children. The office and therapists have a positive energy and a welcoming feel. We are grateful to them for their services and support.”
- Jim and Wendy Nolan

“Our son has been working with Lori for 2 and a half years. Our family had been working with other therapists with very little improvement. He was almost 3 years old with very few words, transition problems, behavior problems, sensory processing, and fine and gross motor delays. After working with Lori every area of development improved significantly and our son became much more pleasant. Lori always keeps him busy and interested. He looks forward to therapy every week. She uses many different materials to keep the kids motivated. A computer program was introduced to work on his auditory processing and his comprehension, vocabulary, and thought organization improved. Our son is about to enter Kindergarten in September and we attribute much of his progress to the wonderful therapy he has received from Lori. Our son’s latest evaluation shows that he is at an age appropriate level in most of the areas that he had previously shown severe delays. We are truly grateful to have had such a wonderful experience. Lori has changed all of our lives, and has enabled our son to be able to have a bright future ahead of him.”
- J.A. and L.A. from Sicklerville, NJ

“I am grateful that we contacted Miss Lori a year ago because our daughter has made tremendous strides since then which were noticed in the classroom as well as in our daughter's extracurricular activities. I believe that our daughter's clarity of thinking and responsiveness would not have progressed so quickly if it were not for Miss Lori's sessions.  So many young children today seem to have processing, attentional or sensory integration issues that may be subtle or not.  Lori's knowledge of and ability to treat these issues obviously extends far beyond that of the average speech pathologist.  Lori is unique in that she is so versatile, she is able to target a child's weaknesses by working on multiple areas at once such as auditory processing and eye tracking or motor planning.  She also clearly loves what she does and makes it a point to keep up with the latest information.  I've also noticed that she purchases top notch equipment to benefit her students.   

I was impressed that Lori clearly explained our issues from the beginning and never mismanaged expectations. When I discuss what was accomplished after each session, I really feel that she is building a strong foundation to a budding mind.  Our young daughter truly does seem to have a more organized thinking pattern.  Of course the benefits have begun trickling down to every aspect of her life.  I would very, very highly recommend Miss Lori for any child with communication difficulties, especially if the difficulties impact traditional OT areas as well as speech -- and starting early gives the fastest results.  Miss Lori is truly a valuable asset to our community and lovely to work with.  Our daughter is always happy to attend her sessions, and we are thrilled to watch her mind blossom.” 
- Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“Ms. Lori,

You used your kindness and patience and put me at ease; when in the beginning I would not even cooperate and was so hard to please.

Because of you, my confidence has really grown. I now look people in the eye and know they understand me without my mom or dad’s help. I can do it all on my own.

Because of you, I love to tell stories and sing songs, I do it so loud and so proud for so long.

Because of you, everyone is shocked that my progress was so fast; I loved playing games with you – you made learning a blast!

I’m such a great talker now and I will be just fine. You have given me so much in such a short amount of time.

I will never forget you, as I hope you will never forget me. You are forever in my heart and that is where you will always be.”

Anonymous Parent, NJ


























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