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"Dougie has worked with other speech therapists before, but none of them compare to Sarina!  Dougie is classic Asperger's (rigidity, behavior and control issues), making him more challenging than most. Sarina is able to see the good, low self esteem little boy behind the behaviors. Sarina has a wonderful way in working with Dougie, getting him to do language and social/pragmatic work, while making it fun! On her own initiative, Sarina met with Dougie's team in school in order to ensure consistency in approach across all environments. I love that she is utilizing Michelle Garcia Winner’s social skills curriculum!  We are thankful that we found her, and are grateful for all of her hard work.  Bless you Sarina!"
K.M. from Medford, NJ

"My son is an Asperger's child and has been receiving speech therapy for several years.  I am very pleased with the quality of the services he receives and the warm environment in which these services are delivered by a kind and caring therapist, Sarina Hoell.  I am quite pleased with the progress my son is making and it is reassuring to me to see the enthusiasm with which he approaches each session."
M.N.  from Atco, NJ

"My son is three years old and Apraxic.  When we brought him to Rizza Miro and Associates, he was not talking yet. By his second speech therapy session, Sarina had him saying 'Eat! More! and Bye!'"
K.J. from Cinnaminson, NJ

"The kindness of others continues to restore my faith in humanity. [My daughter] Lily is doing so well with Sarina. I have to tell you how hesitant I was at first coming to [Rizza's] facility because I have been unable to find a single SLP who has experience with stuttering and is willing to tackle it. Sarina has made great progress with Lily and I am indebted to her. Sarina really, really cares about all the children she treats. She wears her heart on the outside, so I know this is true. [Rizza,] you are lucky to have her with your practice and I feel so lucky to have found her. Thank you again for your assistance and please tell Sarina what a guardian angel she has become to Lily and me."
Lisa from Atco, NJ



"Tyler is progressing very well.  He is now able to better articulate his thoughts and feelings and have the listener understand what he is trying to say/communicate. Nicole continues to bring the best out of Tyler, challenging him each step of the way as he improves and understands the importance of clearly communicating."
G.M-C Westhampton, NJ

"My daughter has made great progress working with Nicole. The therapists here are very friendly and great with all the kids.  Great atmosphere!"
M.P. Riverside, NJ

"My son always looks forward to his speech therapy sessions with Nicole. He has fun while learning. She is always coming up with new ideas/games to help him stay engaged and interested."
D.C. from Voorhees, NJ

"My son Tommy is always excited to see Nicole. He has been seeing Nicole for almost 2 years and has made great progress."
J.O. from Brigantine, NJ

"If you're a mom like I was before feeding therapy, you understand how devastating it can be for your child to run from the table because he smells carrots or peas in one of the dishes.  You know the pain and feelings of personal failure associated with not being able to feed your child a healthy meal because he won't touch certain foods with his hands.

I found my way to Rizza Miro's center, and it was the best decision I have ever made in my journey with my son who completeIy rejected almost every food outside breaded chicken nuggets and fish sticks. Specifically, I was thoroughly impressed with the work that "Ms. Nicole" did with my son at Rizza Miro's center. Imagine a perfectly safe, VERY clean, and nurturing environment where a person with a gentle personality talks to your son, sits in a chair his size, washes her hands alongside him, and models eating new foods with him step by step. And then, imagine tears in your eyes as you see the child who has never eaten a vegetable in his life without crying take his first bite. 

With Ms. Nicole, you will do more than watch your child's first bite. You will learn to recognize the small successes that are the stepping stones your child is taking on his way to accepting new foods and a greater variety of foods. Finally, you will learn how to achieve those small successes at home. 

I think there are several factors that helped my son feel so comfortable with Ms. Nicole. I think that a big part of it was that she was so calm and that her appearance was so clean and together.  My son's rejection of food was partly because he saw certain spices and even food decorations has dirty, and sometimes described the spices or seeds or natural colorings on foods as blemishes, specks, or even germs.  Everything Ms. Nicole presented to him came out of clean, new bags or containers.  That made a big difference to him. The foods looked safe and fresh to him.  It also made an impression on my husband and me. When we started bringing foods to the therapy sessions, we made sure that we brought the original packaging with us.  Ms. Nicole's attitude of total respect for the child was also a success factor with my son.  She never talked down to him about why he was with her.  Their time together was positive and completely natural.  There was no judgment against him for not eating in the past; they simply met every week to have fun and the game of choice was always playing with and eating edible things.  Ms. Nicole developed a strong rapport with my son so quickly that I knew that relating to children must have been a natural gift of hers.  I strongly recommend Ms. Nicole and the whole feeding therapy program.

My son graduated several months ago, and just this week, I got him to eat three pieces of corn by introducing things Ms. Nicole's way. Although he looked at me in disbelief when I initially mentioned the corn, he later remembered Ms. Nicole and thought that he would be willing to try the steps.  I am happy to report that he has agreed to eat corn on an occasional basis. I never thought this could happen for him, and I am so grateful that I have a plan for helping my son eat.  Run, don't walk, to see Rizza and Ms. Nicole!"
A.C. from Mount Laurel, NJ


"My son Raymond is 10 yrs. old. He has been receiving speech services since he was a toddler.  Raymond has been going to Rizza Miro & Associates for the past year [and has been seeing Phil].  My only regret is that I wish I could have been referred to RM & A years ago.  Raymond’s confidence level has increased so much I could cry.  Last week Raymond received his report card.  He is now on a 4th grade reading level, his C's have been turning into B's and his B's have been turning into A's.  Raymond has also received a citizenship award.  Also, the amount of information Raymond has been retaining in class is more than ever. I am so blessed to have found Rizza Miro & Associates. I highly recommend Rizza Miro & Associates.

P.S. I travel from Philadelphia for their outstanding services.  Thank you."
J.F. from Philadelphia, PAOne Happy Mother


"My daughter has been receiving speech therapy with Rizza and Julianne for almost 2 years now for speech apraxia, and what can I say but they are both wonderful! My daughter's speech has improved greatly. You just have to walk into the office and feel the passion and love that everyone employed there have for helping children. I feel very blessed to have found such warm and competent people to work with my daughter. Everyone has obstacles in their lives and Rizza & Associates definitely made the difference in easing and improving my daughters. I will be very glad when the day comes that speech is no longer necessary, but I will definitely miss Rizza and Julianne. Thank you for caring and doing your job so well!"
Deidre from Voorhees, NJ

"Julianne has helped my son with a broad range of skills that have helped him advance in school. Her attention to detail and ever-evolving lesson plans has targeted his weaknesses, while building his confidence in his strengths. I don’t know where he would be without her interventions."
Parents from Hammonton, NJ

"My son Joseph began seeing Ms. Jul when he was two years old for an expressive delay. Not only was Ms. Jul great with Joseph, she helped us to understand where Joey was, where he needed to be, and how she was going to get him up to speed. She was extremely informative and helped us get through milestones. Ms. Jul also prepared us for possible future occurrences like processing delays. We knew what to look for and where to go to help him all because of her. She truly is our inspiration and has helped Joseph become who he is today! Having a child with CAPD is a hard task but with the help of Ms. Jul our world is easier and brighter. We couldn’t have found a better therapist for Joseph. We all lover her! She is the best."
April Galante from Belmawr, NJ

"My daughter began speech therapy with Jul a year after beginning speech therapy with another therapist. After only 7 months in her case, the difference in my daughter’s speech is remarkable. The clarity and articulation with which she speaks is greatly improved and, equally important, her self-confidence has sky rocketed. I cannot thank you guys enough for improving her quality of life."
T.S. from Haddon Twp, NJ

"Our son started speech with Jul in January and he has made tremendous progress.  It was a challenging year because we were in the beginning phases of finding out that he had mixed expressive receptive language disorder, as you can imagine communication was difficult.  Jul has not only helped our son but she has helped us understand more effective ways to communicate with him and it has changed our lives.  She has given us tools to use throughout the week that help strengthen his skills.  As a result he is much happier, confident and his behavior has improved.  He can come home from school now and tell us about his day and that makes us very happy.  I feel the future is looking bright for him.

Thank you so much Jul!"
E.S. and G.S. from Merchantville, NJ

"My son was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder. Before working with Rizza & Jul, I wasn't sure how he was going to make it through kindergarten. After a year, he is on par with his classmates, reading and understanding the context of the stories and loves school. He has the confidence and tools to make it and continues to work with Jul. I don't know where he would be without Rizza Miro & Associates. I can't thank them enough."
Parent from Moorestown, NJ

"JT has been working with Miss Jul for a year now and we could not be happier! We have seen such an improvement with JT's speech. She has been wonderful to work with; so patient and kind. I truly feel that she cares about JT and his progress. JT is a shy child but LOVES Miss Jul and looks forward to seeing her every week! I am truly grateful that we found Rizza Miro & Miss Jul!"
Tara Banasz from Moorestown, NJ


"Emily has been my son's speech therapist for the past 3 years. We have been very pleased with the services that Emily has provided. Emily has always established individualized goals for my son that were specifically set to meet his needs. Emily has always been consistent with parental contact as well as teacher contact to better understand our son's areas of speech that he needs to improve upon. She also informs us of things to look for and work on at home with our son's speech for reinforcement."
P.C. and R.C., Mt. Laurel, NJ

"Emily uses the perfect combination of strictness, patience, and genuine care to connect with my son and get him to work to his maximum potential. Emily is so knowledgeable on various speech programs and is able to teach him diverse and practical skills."
Nicole Landau from Cherry Hill, NJ

"I have been very pleased with my daughter's therapy with Emily. She always makes therapy fun, age appropriate, and productive. Emily has an upbeat and positive attitude which extends to my daughter and leaves her feeling successful. I have been very pleased with my daughter's progress and look forward to continued success with Emily's help."
N.L. from Tabernacle, NJ


"Our son has made great strides as a result of his therapy at Rizza Miro & Associates. We highly recommend [Kathleen] and them."
Parents from Westhampton, NJ

"Our son Steve has made great strides while receiving speech therapy. Jess and Kathleen have made a huge difference in Steve's progress. I feel we are in "Autism Recovery" Kathleen continues to work with Steve weekly, ensuring his growth and success."
Susan Wingert, Medford Lakes, NJ

"Carter has done so well since starting with Kathleen. Before he used to dread when people would ask him his name, since Carter has a hard time with "R"s. The Majority of people couldn't understand him. Now, he is more confident about his speech and rarely has to repeat or spell his name."
J.R., Mt. Laurel, NJ

"Our child will be starting their freshman year at college this September and will be living in a dorm at school. Because our child has Aspergers Syndrome, they will be facing many new social challenges. Although they participated in social groups in their high school, we still noticed areas that needed attention. As a result, our child started working with Kathleen in March. She continually listens to the needs specific to our child and tailors their sessions accordingly. We have been very happy with Kathleen and would highly recommend her to other parents."
Parents from Gibbsboro, NJ

"Thank you Kathleen !!!! I am so impressed with the improvements I've seen in my 9 year daughter Ashley. Ashley was recently diagnosed with CAPD. I have seen significant changes in her reading, thoughts, analogies and her comprehension. After just a couple of one-hour sessions, to see this is so remarkable. I cannot thank you enough for making Ashley feel so comfortable with you and the work you are doing for her. Even her self-confidence has improved greatly."
LaVerne, Burlington Twp, NJ


"Meaghan was my son's speech therapist during his high school years. He is a stutterer and made great gains while receiving therapy with Meaghan. I think what impressed me most was that, in addition to making a difference in his speech fluency, she also addressed his self confidence and so impacted his esteem thereby further improving his comfort level with speaking. She made him a mentor of sorts to younger stutterers which allowed him to feel as if he was helping them and also providing them with a role model. If you met Nicholas today you would struggle to even recognize that he was/is a stutterer. He was recently approached by the organization "Friends" to speak at their conference and when he interviewed with the person in charge of coordinating speakers, the man doubted that he was ever a stutterer!

While there were other therapists that he had over the course of his schooling, Meaghan made an impact on him at a very important and difficult stage in his life. I will be forever indebted to her. I know she also works with younger students and has a good rapport with the students, parents and teachers. As a parent of someone lucky enough to have had her as their therapist, I would definitely recommend her to other parents."
Parent from Lumberton, NJ

"My son has been working with Rizza Miro and Associates for 7 months now and I have noticed an increase in his communication. He now answers questions appropriately and will express his needs and wants using sentences. Although we are still working spontaneous communication I am thrilled with the progress Nathan has made. I have also noticed that his behavior is getting better, but we still have a ways to go. We love our therapist Meaghan. She is so good with Nathan and I believe it is Meaghan who has helped with Nathan's communication issues."
M.C., Cherry Hill, NJ


"My son is seeing Meghan for a second course of occupational therapy to improve his fine motor skills, core strength, and balance. Meghan is one of the most caring and enthusiastic therapists we have encountered. She is tuned in to the needs of pediatric patients especially those with sensory issues like my son. Meghan takes into account the individual needs of my son and does her best to make the sessions fun, interactive and interesting. At the end of each session, Meghan recommends activities we can do at home. Megan is great at what she does!"
Marie M., Marlton, NJ

"We first met Meghan when we brought our then three year old son to her to receive Occupational Therapy services. Our son had been diagnosed with PDD and SPD as well as significant fine and gross motor delays. You can only imagine the fears and emotions we were feeling as parents of a three year old who was facing so many significant challenges. Meghan immediately helped us begin to lay our fears to rest and encouraged us not to focus on the things our son could not do, but rather to focus on his strengths as well as her goals for his progress. Meghan earned our trust and more importantly our son's trust which allowed all of us to grow, change, and develop in a very positive, natural progression. Some of the challenges that our son faced were the simple things that we as parents take for granted; our son could not run, he could not throw or kick a ball, it hurt him to color or to write, he refused to touch sand or grass, he only ate foods with certain textures, he could not balance, and the list goes on. As we look at him now as he plays baseball, soccer, and basketball, has earned a high purple belt in karate, boogie boards, snorkels, rides a two-wheeler, rides a horse, writes stories, and orders various items off a menu at restaurants we think to ourselves ...... "Would he be here without Meghan???" We can both without any hesitation tell you that although our son has worked and continues to work extremely hard to achieve all of these things in his life, Meghan provided him with the tools he needed to succeed and she was the driving force behind his success. Our son is almost eight years old now and still looks forward to his sessions with Meghan. He loves her, respects her, and values everything she has provided him with and everything she has helped him to achieve. Meghan is an essential part of our family and without her our son would not be who he is today and our family would not be who we are today. Thank you Meghan!!!!"
Sharon & Joe, Voorhees, NJ

"My son started therapy with Meg for help with his handwriting and focus. After only a couple of months, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my son's handwriting and he has learned techniques which have improved his focus tremendously. Meg has been a pleasure to work with and really seems to understand my son's needs; I would recommend her to anyone wo seeks OT for their child."
A.H., Cinnaminson, NJ


"My son is fortunate enough to receive speech therapy from Holly. She goes above and beyond her practice, and she is extremely professional which we really appreciate. Thanks to her hard work I was able to get his school in line with what his weaknesses are, and work on them directly as a team. Because of her valuable input I can see the speech therapist at school is working on the same areas Holly is, so I know she is on the right track. It was a pleasant surprise that Holly not only does high quality speech therapy, but she looks at the child as a whole. She is knowledgable in other areas as well for instance, she recognized that my son could not sit still, so she implemented basic OT to help him to focus during speech while I was waiting for his OT evaluation to be done. She noticed we were having behavior issues, and she said lets take the real situations, and use them as social skills training during speech.

Holly is a perfect match for our family, and my sons needs. I have noticed improvements in my son in the short amount of time that Holly has been working with him such as more confidence, happier as a person, and using his words more to express his feelings instead of hitting or screaming. Although we have a lot more work to do we are heading in the right direction. Holly has opened our eyes as to how our family can communicate with our son more effectively. As a result, we are happier as a family because our son is communicating better. What more could you ask for?

Thank you so much Holly!"
GS and Family, Merchantville, NJ | April 2014

"After seeing various speech therapists with little success, we are so grateful to have found Holly Sataloff at Rizza Miro and Associates. Holly has shown us how to communicate with our son, who is severly apraxic. Within a few weeks we saw tremendous imorovements. I am proud to report he is now using his first word "HEL..P" independently and with confidence. Thank you, Holly for helping my son find his voice."
TM, Williamstown, NJ | April 2014


"As soon as Natalie introduced herself to us, I felt instantly at ease. She took the time to speak not only to me, to listen to my concerns, to answer my questions, to explain the goals of the sessions, and to reassure me of my worries, but took the time to talk to my son-to start getting to really know him, to make him feel comfortable, and to get him interested and excited for sessions. To see such genuine respect, kindness, and compassion displayed towards him was truly wonderful. Ms. Natalie was with him every step of the way whether it was through her instruction, support, guidance, giving tips, being a “cheerleader”, she could always be counted on to provide true professional speech therapy services. Now my son has the skills and confidence he needs to communicate in the present and the future."
Renita, Moorestown, NJ | March 2015


"I can not say enough good things about the office of Rizza Miro, and more specifically, our therapist, Kelly. My son was born with a number of processing issues, including ADHD, language processing, auditory processing and non-verbal learning disorder. He started receiving speech therapy at the age of two and his issues required him to attend special-ed preschool and then placement in pull-out resource room for language and math starting in Kindergarten. By the time I brought my son to be evaluated by Rizza before the start of third grade, he could not read nor pay attention in class. He had no working memory, zero self esteem and was becoming a behavior problem in the classroom due to his level of frustration. Rizza did an evaluation of my son and for the first time, was able to explain to me, despite years of previous intervention and therapy, why my son could not read nor decode words. She was able to explain why my son could not attend to a classroom task or follow instructions. Better than that, however, Rizza was able to tell me what I needed to do to help my son….and that was Kelly. For two years my son worked with Kelly. Within the first six weeks, Kelly was able to fix an ongoing articulation issue that enabled my son to quit school pull-out speech sessions. Kelly was able to address my son’s auditory processing issues using cutting edge technology. Before he started therapy, my son could recall only one verbal instruction at a time. By the time he was done, he could remember four to five commands or instructions. Kelly worked on his writing skills and organizational skills. She helped him to learn his math facts. Kelly even helped him learn the nuances of language to better understand the concepts of irony and sarcasm. This helped improve my son’s social skills. Kelly got more done in an hour session than what other therapists had done in an entire year. My son was not easy. He was hyper and so frustrated and tired of therapy that he often gave Kelly a very hard time. Through it all, she remained gentle and compassionate yet firm. By the time we ended therapy, my son was crying that he had to say good bye to her! The best news is, however, that my now fifth grade son made so much progress with Kelly that he in now placed in the mainstream classroom for language arts. He is doing non-modified work and getting A’s and B’s! When he enters middle school, he will be able to stay in the regular classroom for math as well. When I first brought my son to see Rizza, I never entertained the hope that one day my son would no longer need to be placed in the pull-out resource room. The idea of that broke my heart because my son had such a negative view of himself and hated school so much. Now, at our IEP meetings, the school considers him one of their “success stories.” They can take credit all they want, but I know that it was Kelly who made it all possible. I thank both Kelly and Rizza from the bottom of my heart, because thanks to them, my son now has a future where he can reach his full academic potential and achieve his dream of college."
Donna, Voorhees, NJ | January 2016

"My son, Santino, had been seeing Ms Kelly for about 3 years. When he first started to see her he was non verbal, and now he just tested average for his age group in receptive and expressive. She also works on processing with him, which is another huge issue. He loves going to her for therapy, he sometimes asks me when he wakes up if we are going to see Ms Kelly today. We worked with other therapists prior to her but no one seemed to be able to break through, once he started with her he has been progressing nicely ever since."
Terry, Philadelphia, PA | November 2015


"Our daughter K has a muscle disorder and has significant weakness throughout her body. We have been working with Alli for about 24 months....she has been an amazing therapist. K loves her and looks forward to her therapy sessions and gets upset if we have to cancel. Alli was actually the first therapist where K let me leave the room. K trusts her, has fun with her, and works hard for her. K is a hard worker regardless, but the trust and fun did not happen with every therapist she has worked with. Alli is fun, energetic, and flexible with her plans to get the most out of K in each therapy session. Our mains goals have been to strengthen her arms, shoulders, back and core to increase her ability to reach, lift objects, raise her arms above her head, dress herself, assist with transfers, write at the pace of a 6 year old, etc. K has made significant gains over the past 2 years. She is considerably stronger and more independent than ever. We still have more gains to make and I am confident Alli is the right therapist to get us to get us there."
E.P., South Jersey | July 2016

"We've known Alli for a couple of years and we worked with her in two capacities. In the first, she was our son's [occupational therapist]. She was working with him on sensory processing disorder. Additionally, we were part of a social skills group she has run at our local library and our son participated in the 2 group sessions that she ran there. We've had a great experience with Alli in both environments and our son has enjoyed working with her; she has given us a number of great tools (as well as our son) for helping him work through some of his issues relative to sensory overload, task transition, and auditory overload."
M.M., Pitman, NJ | July 2016


"Amy is energetic and really knows how to connect with the kids. Aiden took to her almost immediately and she was quick to pick up on what he struggled with the most and the best ways to approach him and his learning style. I have watched a few sessions and her interaction with him is great. She can really keep him focused on task and finds ways to make things fun so it does not appear to be all "work", even though it is. She knows to adjust her style also if he does not seem to be picking up on her original approach. She has tried multiple ways to approach the same task until she has what works for him and his style of learning, so I really do appreciate that."

One thing I really like about Amy is her communication and her willingness to involve everyone that is involved with Aiden and his care. She routinely emails me with her thoughts, will ask for my opinions and suggestions, tries to tie his learning at school to his learning at home since he does work with my Mom a few hours a day after school as well. So, she will send emails or visual materials home so we can reinforce what she is working on and that really helps. She also has come up with innovative ways for him to learn to make sure that what he is working on will most help him out in the real world. For instance recently he was learning to enhance his typing skills on a real keyboard so they were using something similar to a mini word processor and she would write sentences out and have him type them making sure he was using appropriate capitalization, punctuation, etc. He was doing this, but she found it was not very "meaningful" so she reached out to me for my thoughts on setting him up with his own email account. So, I did that and now instead of typing random sentences, he will type emails to his teacher and his family members and then see our responses, reply, etc. which is a skill he will need to be proficient at as he gets older. So, I do feel like she is great at tailoring the kids' program to their learning style, as well as what will be the most meaningful in terms of life skills needed. She definitely 'thinks out of the box' a lot which I like and always keeps in touch on what they are doing."
Linda Pincus, Mt. Laurel, NJ | February 2017




























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