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"Dear Ms. Rizza - I'm not sure you remember me, but I sure remember you. You were my Speech Therapist for several years from when I was a toddler well into elementary school. I'm sorry I have not been in touch for a while but I wanted to reach out to you to tell you how important the time that you spend with me has been to my life.

When I came to you as a 4-year old, I was almost non-verbal with a substantial sensory processing disorder. I remember how frustrating this was for me, often leading me to misbehave and be difficult for my family. I know that I was not the easiest patient either. I have a vague recollection of the many drills that we went through together, and how hard it was to put together sentences even in elementary school. While it's amusing to think of it now [it was] hard work and tiring. You stuck by me, with years of patience and care to help me build my confidence.

Things have changed a bit. The gift that you gave me has enabled me to write this. I finished at the top of my class...while having great life balance. I have great friendships and love my family. And while I suppose that there's nothing you could have done about my unfortunate singing voice, thanks to you I speak quite well.

My dream is to be a scientist that works on important things that make a difference in society. I'm going to tackle important problems ...and I am excited to take this next step in my life. You have played a large part in making this possible... I know that your job must be challenging and I hope that this brings just a little more joy and validation to your hard work and thoughtfulness. I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe I'll touch base a little sooner next time."
- Will, October 18, 2021

"This is a hard letter to write. Not because Rizza Miro is difficult to recommend. It's just hard to find words that don't drift into hyperbole to describe exactly what she has meant to our family.

Keane is a severe apraxic who didn't speak until he was four and who, as of last year, was reading well behind grade level. Since beginning his work with Rizza, he has made phenomenal improvements in his speech and grammar and was just tested as reading at or above grade level.

This speaks to the results Rizza has managed to get, but I think it's important to know just how hard the battle is with Keane. Keane suffers from ADD as well as some emotional issues that make teaching him difficult, even under the best conditions. When you couple that with the fact that Rizza usually gets him at the end of a long day when all he wants to do is "Chill-Lax" (his word, not Ms. Rizza's), to say Keane is a challenge is a bit of an understatement.

But Ms. Rizza never waivers. She never varies from her demeanor of calm understanding and disciplined resolve. She never stops making it fun, but she never lets him back down from the work. She never ceases to amaze us with her organization, her expertise in the subject matter, and her unceasing creativity in keeping Keane engaged and learning.

Not being able to communicate with your child is a slow-motion tragedy that my wife and I witnessed together over the course of our son's first four years. His time with Ms. Rizza has reversed that tragedy beyond what I thought was possible. I can't express to you enough how much I recommend Rizza Miro.

Thanks for your time in reading this."
- Jay and Kristina, Marlton, NJ


"I was referred to Rizza when my then 20 month old son was not eating or speaking. He drank 7 bottles per day and would choke on any solids that he would try. He was only able to say "mama; when other kids were talking in phrases. Now one year later, my son enjoys a wide variety of foods, drinks through a straw and has made significant progress with his speech. Rizza is a gem. Not only is she a brilliant speech and feeding therapist, but she is truly an expert on overall development. Rizza has the expertise of a top speech and feeding therapist. Equally as important is her unique ability to make children (and adults) feel extremely comfortable. My son adored Rizza from the moment we met her and looks forward to seeing her. He feels safe and comfortable with Rizza which has played a major role in his progress. If your child is struggling with feeding issues, Rizza is the one to see. She is second to none and has been the greatest blessing to our family and so many others."
- Parents from Cherry Hill, NJ

"We have been clients of Rizza's for over two years. Our son is now six years old and entering the first grade. Rizza has worked on articulation and social skills with him. He works with her independently and with a group. She is the only professional I can find who truly gets to the heart of what my son needs. We travel over an hour to get to her office and it is completely worth it. I leave with things to practice and do throughout the week. I immediately liked her organization. She knows what needs to be done and sticks to a path so that we can really see progress. I also love the fact that if something does come up in my son's life, I can bring the issue to Rizza and get some sound advice. I actually carry one of Rizza's business cards in my wallet so that I can give it to anyone who has a child struggling with speech and social delays. I highly recommend her services."
- K.C., Northfield, NJ

"As a seasoned special education teacher, I have seen many speech therapists. However, when my own children needed speech, of course I wanted the best and I found that in Rizza Miro. She is gentle, firm, consistent, fun, and full of energy with the kids. She pairs just the right amount of familiar structure with exciting change techniques that match their needs. With my oldest daughter, she assessed that the school therapy was enough and she did not need to do private therapy. Of course I really appreciated her honest, professional judgment. My other daughter did not qualify for school based speech for preschool, but after several sessions, Rizza determined that she is apraxic. Morgan has made huge gains working with Rizza the past 2 years. She is working on oral motor skills and developing her speech patterns and articulation. Also, last summer Morgan began working with another little girl one session a week. They have a great time in their "princess" girls' group while learning to communicate with a peer. They have new speech related "games" every few weeks as their skills develop in both listening and understanding one another. Finally, her twin brother started with Rizza this spring. As reported, they couldn't be more different! Rizza readily adapts to his different needs and "no nonsense" learning style. He is so motivated that while waiting for his sister to come out of speech, he decided to make books writing words with the sounds he is working on with Rizza. He just adored her and listens to every word she says. She is one of the most dedicated and skilled professionals I have been fortunate enough to meet. Thank you, Rizza!"
- Lisa, Mount Laurel, NJ

"Rizza is a guardian angel. She has taken my son, who has apraxia of speech, from saying nothing to talking in complete sentences! I waited over three years for Michael to tell me "I love you, mommy," and it finally happened after hard work from Rizza and Michael. He is now in pre-school and doing very well. He would come home to tell me everything he did and who he played with. He has so much fun actually talking with his peers. If it weren't for Rizza, my son would not be where he is today. Thanks so much, Rizza."
- Jodi, Palmyra, NJ

"Our son has been receiving services from Rizza Miro for six years. Our family most highly recommends Rizza and her staff. We have seen remarkable improvement in our son's expressive and receptive language skills since Rizza has been working with him. Rizza's positive, creative approach has given our son the confidence to try and persevere to attain each new level of skill. He always looks forwards to Mondays with Miss Rizza. We have witnessed our son reach goals that others in the field said he would never attain. Rizza has helped us to believe he will one day be able to successfully take his place in society and the world at large."
- Beverly, Sewell, NJ

"We think Rizza is great! She is an amazing speech therapist. She works so well with the kids. She really knows how to engage them and make the therapy fun. She has also worked with our child who has feeding issues. She taught me many things that helped to further his progress. My kids wouldn't be where they are today without all of her help. Rizza is an incredibly knowledgeable woman who is excellent at what she does. Thank you Rizza for all that you have done!"
- Parent from Lumberton, NJ

"Our daughter has been working with Rizza Miro for over a year now. When she first started with Rizza, she was non-verbal and communicated only through grunts and groans. This caused her much frustration and often resulted in major temper tantrums. Within weeks of receiving speech therapy from Rizza, my daughter was able to begin communicating through sounds and then eventually through 'words'. She can now speak in two to three word sentences and can be understood by most of our friends and family. She feels so good about herself and the temper tantrums have stopped. Rizza's love, enthusiasm and dedication to our daughter's success have changed our lives! Rizza is now like a member of our family. We can't say enough about Rizza as both a therapist and a person-she truly is our guardian angel."
- Matt and Jenn M., Marlton, NJ

"Rizza, I just wanted to thank you for one of the BEST moments of my life...yesterday Leah had her school play and she was one of 8 children out of 90 chosen to sing a solo song. She sang 8 lines all by herself in front of at least 300 people and hit every syllable even all her R's...She did wonderful!!! THANK YOU!!"
- Tara from Cinnaminson, NJ

“My five year old son, who is on the Autistic spectrum, has received a myriad of services since he was diagnosed at age three; ABA, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech [Therapy],  social skills classes, just to name a few. 

I state with zeal that Rizza Miro was the only therapist out of all of the therapists who immediately and instinctively honed in on just what Chase needed.

My child is high-functioning and I cannot tell you how many therapists were “stumped” as to what to do for Chase and/or what programs to use on Chase. Not Rizza!

Experience counts-and Rizza Miro [& Associates] has the experience, knowledge, and energy to give your child exactly what he/she needs to soar!”
- Tracy Roman from Philadelphia, PA

“We are so happy we have found Rizza after having worked with several other SLP's. We feel that she is a dedicated, educated, heartful person who has helped our son so much in the 6 months we have been going to her. Our son, at almost 4 years old, is starting to put words together!  He never gives us a hard time to go into his session.  This is really a big thing for him and he still challenges some of his other therapists. We are sure Rizza is the best therapist for us. We are confident that with her help, our son will continue to progress and we will give him the ability to communicate and be understood! Thanks Rizza! Keep up your hard work and we will keep up ours!”
- C.D. from Eastampton, NJ

“My son has been coming to Rizza for almost two years.  She has helped him with articulation skills, and now with his pre-reading skills.  I just came from a teacher conference and as expected, significant improvement from the beginning of the year!  His teacher said that he is doing well academically and is now right where he should be with his peers. He was very impressed at how much progress he has made since our conference in November.  I am pleased and the teacher was thrilled at the drastic improvement!  Thanks for all your hard work with him. It is certainly paying off!!"
- S.W. from Marlton, NJ

“I would like to write this letter on behalf of Rizza Miro and commend her for the outstanding job she has done and continues to do with our daughter’s speech/language therapy.

We detected when our daughter was around 4 that there seemed to be some speech difficulties. In pre-school she was evaluated by a school study team and their determination was that our daughter was perfectly normal. All principles on the team came to the same conclusion.
I am a firm believer that parents know their child better than anyone. It was somewhat frustrating to know inside that something is not quite right with your child and yet be told everything is fine.

Our determination didn’t stop us there. We continued seeing speech therapists over the next couple of years. We couldn’t find anyone who could really pin point the problem until we were very fortunate to be recommended to Miss Rizza. This was when everything started to click and we finally got a diagnosis for our daughter of Auditory Memory Disorder.

To fast forward things a bit, our daughter has been seeing Miss Rizza for a couple of years now and is making excellent progress both in her therapy and in school. We have especially seen great strides in her language to include writing, speaking and reading. Our daughter is developing more confidence in herself and looks forward to her weekly sessions with Miss Rizza very much!

Rizza has a wonderful way with children and adults. She is very cheerful and makes them feel proud with every accomplishment they make. I can’t express enough what a blessing it is that we found Rizza. We will forever be grateful to her for her professionalism and dedication to helping our daughter. Thank you Rizza!” 
- Leila & Joe Halligan from Medford, NJ

“Rizza was recommended to us by a friend of mine, and I couldn't be happier. At 18 months old, our son had zero words. And now, just under 6 months later, he has over 40 words and learning new words every day. He absolutely loves Miss Rizza. She creates an environment that is conducive to learning; she has a way of making him feel totally comfortable and it's obvious he trusts her completely. Even when he is a little grouchy, she manages to still have a great session with him. He's made tremendous improvement and I'm thankful we found her!”
- R.S. of Berlin

“Our son Jason was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of 3. Prior to this, he was in Early Intervention where he received speech therapy, but it just was not enough. Someone recommended Rizza to us. We immediately signed him up for private speech lessons with her. Words could never express the tremendous results Rizza has made with him. He has made huge strides in his communication & social development. Rizza does not just work on speech and language, but the child as a whole. (attention to task, behaviors etc). Jason loves going to see Miss Rizza and is always asking if we go see her today. We are so blessed that our son can now have a conversation with us and he is able to make friends. Rizza we love you and thank you for everything that you have done for him. Jason is finally coming out of his shell and becoming his own person.”
- Denise & Jim, Bellmawr, NJ

Our son Domenic had a limited vocabulary when he started seeing Rizza at 2 1/2 years of age. He couldn't tell us his wants,needs, likes or dislikes. In addition, he wasn't initiating play with peers and didn't know how to play with them. Domenic will be 4 years old next month and has made tremendous strides. Domenic has been seeing Rizza one on one and is involved in a dyad with another child that Rizza matched up with Domenic. Through his private speech sessions with Rizza, he is able to easily speak in 4-5 word utterances and is able to let us know how he is feeling, what he wants, what he likes and dislikes and more. Through the dyad, Domenic is able to initiate play with other children, turn take and play with other children. We couldn't be happier with Domenic's progress and we are so grateful that we have found Rizza to help Domenic find his words.
- April M, Burlington NJ

"My son Donald, who has Asperger Syndrome, has been receiving speech services from Rizza Miro for several years now. She is a highly talented and experienced speech therapist!

Rizza has helped Donald immensely with his pragmatic language deficiencies via individual and group therapy. I find that Rizza's group sessions is the most effective social skills therapy in southern NJ, better than other social skills class or play (LEGO) group! Rizza carefully constructs a comparable peer group, targets specific pragmatic deficiencies, and provides reinforcement opportunities in order to generalize the skill. The result: improved social competence!"
- Karoline Moxham, Medford NJ

"When my son was diagnosed with Autism, my worst fear was that we would never understand what I was saying to him or ever have any conversations with me or ask me a question. Things were almost at a stand-still when he was almost 4, until I took him for private speech with Rizza Miro. My friends and family are sick of hearing her name (LOL)! She opened so many doors for my son. The other day after school, he got into my car and asked me where his sister was. I was shocked and did not answer right away so he asked 'She's with grandmom?' I had tears in my eyes and knew this is all the stuff Rizza had been working on and it was coming together. I was so excited my baby asked me a question! This was priceless. He was on his way!!"
- Anita Renzetti, Bellmawr NJ

"Rizza is an amazing therapist. My 4 year old daughter Christina has severe apraxia and she's been making considerable progress since working with Rizza. She was a child who had very little to no language capabilities due to a genetic disorder. She started speech therapy at age 2 but now we are working on 2 word phrases. Christina has learned new sounds and her vocabulary and receptive language have increased significantly. This is amazing considering our precious daughter was never expected to communicate. My husband and I are thrilled that our little girl can finally call us Mama and Dada thanks to Rizza. Rizza is very enthusiastic and makes every session fun and extremely motivating for my daughter. She's very professional and coordinates with Christina's school therapist ensuring continuous progress and success is made in her speech development. Additionally Rizza is extremely responsive to all of our questions and concerns and provides great feedback and guidance. Speech therapy is very rewarding for my daughter and is making a huge impact on her quality of life. Thanks Rizza!"
- Irene K, Mt Laurel NJ

"My daughter began speech therapy at the age of 2 through county services. Throughout early intervention and then special education preschool, I saw small improvements over 2 years. When she began therapy with Rizza, within 6 months we saw large significant improvements in her speech.

Rizza has not only helped her with her articulation but has helped improve her self esteem and social skills. Rizza works on all areas impacted by my daughter's apraxia including sentence structure, writing, grammar and social conversations.

My daughter is now almost nine years old. Rizza has helped my daughter reach her full potential. We are grateful for the positive impact she has had on our lives."

- A.D. from Cherry Hill NJ
























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